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Why Should I Sell My Home With Brittany ? 

I am passionate about marketing & digital media. With my degree in marketing I know how to develop a top notch marketing plan to showcase your home. Whether you are selling a home in the suburbs or a modern loft in the city, trust that I will go above and beyond your expectations. From fabulous open houses to custom content for your listing, rest assured your home will stand out from the crowd. 


How Much Will I Get For My Home ?

My pricing strategy is simple- Your home is worth what buyers are willing to pay for it. I will look at recently sold properties and current listings comparable to your house to determine a price point. I believe getting the price right the first time is the most important factor in successfully listing your home... pricing slightly under market value generates buzz over a "good deal", often leading to the greatest return (who doesn't love multiple offers?!). Overall, it is my job to make sure I give your home an honest, accurate, yet competitive price that will give your home the best chance of earning its highest worth.


I'm Ready to Sell ... What's Next ?

If you are ready to get the ball rolling give me a call or shoot me an email ! I'll come for a visit, check out your home, get an idea of who you are as a seller, find out why you're looking to sell and go over market value and pricing with you. From there I take over and I make the magic happen! Every single client I work with gets my full package of photography, videography, graphic design, and more at no additional cost.